The 2019 Programme

The conference “Future of Work in Industry” is taking place for the first time on Wednesday 03 April 2019 in the conference area of Hall 19 at Hannover Messe. Keynotes, deep dive panels and panel discussions will be taking place on the main stage with best-case presentations and question & answer sessions in parallel. High-calibre experts from industry, academia and business practice guarantee an exchange of knowledge and networking at the highest level!

The three thematic strands of Leadership, Skills & Tools form the thematic framework of the conference. The industry focus here is on smart industries and is directed at CxOs and board members, department heads, executives, decision-makers, human resource professionals and transformation agents.

Thematic strand 1:

Leadership, Culture & Mindset

Find out what challenges managers can expect as the new working world emerges because the change begins in the heads of the transformation agents: What new (human resource) structures are required to make your company future-proof? What role does leadership play when people and machines collaborate independently of time and place? And what mindset is required to lead staff through digital change in a purposeful way?

Thematic strand 2:

Skills & Competences

Digital change is unstoppable and has already begun which makes it increasingly important for managers to properly evaluate the risks and opportunities at an early stage. This is because digitalisation, despite creating so many new and exciting possibilities, is the first revolution in industry and the working world not to generate any new jobs. In fact, this process is already leading to job cuts in the medium term because of the use of autonomous systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Find out from our thematic strand Skills & Competences how you can make workers fit for the future.

Thematic strand 3:

Tools & Methods

What will the workplace of the future look like and what (technical) systems and methods will be accompanying our everyday working life? Here, the topic of human-robot collaboration is increasingly gaining in significance, particularly in industry. Find out today what role AI (Artificial Intelligence), the use of algorithms and autonomous systems will play in the future and what the consequences will be.

9h 19h

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